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Equipos de movimiento de tierra

As an earthmoving professional, you are looking for lubricants that allow your equipment to perform at the highest level. At TOTAL Lubricants we know that in this highly specialized sector, where generic products do not work. This is why we have developed tailor-made lubricants to improve and protect the engines that you and your customers rely on on a daily basis.


High quality lubricants for construction, mines and quarries

The complete range of TOTAL Lubricants products for construction, mining and quarrying machinery, comply with all international standards (ACEA, API, JASO, etc.) and with the approvals of the manufacturers, required in this sector. Consider TOTAL Lubricants your one-stop shop for all your industry lubricant needs. Our lubricants for construction, mining and quarrying work are divided into three segments:


The complete range of standard TotalEnergies products covers a wide number of uses. Furthermore, they are suited to the specific needs of public works machinery.
oils Transmission oils: gearboxes  Transmission oils: shafts and reduction units

What if you needed two lubricants to meet the needs of your entire fleet? This dream comes true with CONCEPT TP STAR, the result of advanced research carried out by TotalEnergies. This technological concept manages to cover up to 15 different needs for lubricants with just two products. CONCEPT TP STAR provides all the components of your work equipment with first class lubrication while meeting the international requirements and standards of the main equipment manufacturers. The advantages are numerous:

  • Optimal technical performance guaranteed
  • Lower risk of out of inventory
  • Ease of ordering, obtaining and storing lubricants
  • Less risk of confusion when servicing equipment
  • Lower transportation costs
  • Savings in the service and administration of used oils and packaging

Additionally when used as an engine lubricant, TOTAL STAR MAX FE offers: 

  • Less fuel consumption due to its fuel economy formula
  • Extended life for the particular filter, due to its low SAPS formulation


A patent was issued for TOTAL STAR MAX FE and TOTAL TP STAR MAX HT oils, due to their self-adaptive capabilities.

TOTAL CONCEPT TP STAR for temperate countries

TOTAL CONCEPT TP STAR for the tropics

Lubricantes TOTAL es consciente de la necesidad de proteger el ambiente y del desarrollo sostenible. En respuesta a estos retos, hemos desarrollado una gama de bio-lubricantes.

Its machinery usually operates in natural environments, construction sites, development projects, near streams, on coasts and in quarries and urban road works. This type of work can cause accidental oil spills which can pollute the environment around you. Concerned with the protection of the natural environment, TotalEnergies offers a range of bio-lubricants suitable for public works and construction machinery. This range has various applications:

  • Extraction machinery
  • Construction machinery
  • Earth moving machinery
  • Drain cleaning machinery

Are you in the earthmoving business? TOTAL Lubricants know everything about your equipment and the oil needs they require.