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Franquicias de distribuidores de auto y talleres


At TOTAL Lubricants, we understand the complex challenges facing franchises and garage dealers in today's dynamic business environment. In an industry as competitive as yours, every decision impacts the longevity of your business. The choice of lubricant to use is no exception.

By selecting from TotalEnergies' extensive range of products, you not only ensure that you offer your vehicles optimal care, but also make a strategic budgeting decision.

Beneficiando su negocio

By selecting TotalEnergies lubricants, you show your customers that you are conscientious and ambitious and that you do not compromise on quality when caring for their cars. TotalEnergies is one of the most respected names on the market due to the intense research and development carried out to create products that:

  • Protect against wear, reducing friction and corrosion.
  • Prevent overheating of engines.
  • Safeguard cylinder compression and maximum engine efficiency.
  • Ensure the cleanliness of the engines preventing the deposit of impurities.

The lubricants of the QUARTZ line, with fuel economy, go even further:

  • Helping to reduce fuel consumption, thereby reducing operating costs,
  • Benefiting the environment by reducing CO2 emissions and other pollutants.

Ideal tanto para negocios de una como de varias marcas

TotalEnergies / ELF lubricants cover all your needs, whether you are a dealer or a workshop for one or more manufacturers. Recognized for our knowledge, passion and the prestige of our products, TotalEnergies lubricants works closely with its customers to help them reach their full potential.

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